Archives for May, 2012

How to run an Eclipse Run Configuration from the command line

It’s easy to run an Eclipse Run Configuration from a shell outside of Eclipse if you know how. This article will show the trick. First of all it’s assumed that you have Eclipse set up, are working on a (Java) project and already have some part that can be executed with the Eclipse Run As […]

How to install Ant on Linux

In this article we’ll show how to install Ant on Linux. Ant is one of the most popular (though certainly not the only) build tool for Java programming, and once your Java development project reaches a certain complexity it’s bound to need Ant. Most distributions have some version of Ant included, but it’s often outdated […]

How to install WordPress on a VPS with CentOS 6

Introduction In this article it’s assumed that you know already what WordPress is, and that you want to use it.  Here we’ll show you exactly how to install it on your own server, whether that is a Virtual Private Server or a physical one. It’s assumed that the server is already set up with CentOS […]

How to setup Windows filesharing over SSH

If you have a Linux file server you know how easy it is to access its files from Windows clients; just install Samba on the Linux server and you can connect using Windows file sharing (Netbios / CIFS / SMB). Unfortunately this simple setup cannot be used by itself to access files remotely over the […]

How to recover a hacked World of Warcraft account

Perhaps you received an email from Blizzard saying “ Account Locked – Action Required”. Perhaps you are missing items or gold from one of your characters. Whatever the reason, at some point it’s a good idea to check and beef up the security of your World of Warcraft account. This article will help you dial […]