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Minecraft multi-world server setup using the vanilla server

I’ve been playing with Minecraft for a while, playing with the kids on a multiplayer server I’ve set up on our LAN, and when you do that, you soon find out that one world isn’t enough. It’s so much fun to experiment with various world seeds you can find on the Internet, survival v.s. creative, […]

How to run an Eclipse Run Configuration from the command line

It’s easy to run an Eclipse Run Configuration from a shell outside of Eclipse if you know how. This article will show the trick. First of all it’s assumed that you have Eclipse set up, are working on a (Java) project and already have some part that can be executed with the Eclipse Run As […]

How to install Ant on Linux

In this article we’ll show how to install Ant on Linux. Ant is one of the most popular (though certainly not the only) build tool for Java programming, and once your Java development project reaches a certain complexity it’s bound to need Ant. Most distributions have some version of Ant included, but it’s often outdated […]