How to recover a hacked World of Warcraft account

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Perhaps you received an email from Blizzard saying “ Account Locked – Action Required”. Perhaps you are missing items or gold from one of your characters. Whatever the reason, at some point it’s a good idea to check and beef up the security of your World of Warcraft account. This article will help you dial it up all the way to 10, turning your account into the WOW equivalent of Fort Knox.

Some of these steps may seem a bit complicated or unnecessary, but it’s really important not to skip any of them. As the saying goes, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

  • First check your computer for viruses and malware. All other security measures will be futile if you cannot trust your own PC. You undoubtedly already have a virus scanner installed, but none of them catch 100% of the nasty stuff that’s out there, and some of it is specialized in grabbing your WOW password. It is recommended to first download the free Microsoft Safety Scanner (msert.exe), and run a Full Scan. Then use one other tool that is specialized in malware, such as Lavasoft Ad-Aware or HitManPro. Clean up everything that is found and reboot.
  • Request a password reset, or if your account wasn’t blocked yet, change your Battle.Net account password yourself.
  • Add Battle.Net SMS Protect, which will allow you to use your mobile to manage your Battle.Net account, reset your password etc.
  • Download the Battle.Net Authenticator App onto your mobile from your App store. (I’m assuming for now that you have a supported Android / iPhone / BlackBerry smartphone, if not then you’ll have to order a physical Authenticator token instead for a few bucks).
  • Attach the Authenticator to your account
  • Now start up World of Warcraft (notice that during login you need both the new password and the code from the Authenticator)
  • Check all your characters on all your realms for missing items etc.
  • Rest assured that it’s now a lot harder for others to access your account


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